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Honey source tracing

In May, Yan'an, a vibrant revolutionary resort, was filled with the fragrance of locust flowers. Yan'an is a lucky place for bee farmers and a famous locust honey producing area in China. During the flowering period every year, the bee farm of Leshen Sanbao is transferred here to collect flowers and make honey

Enterprise entrepreneurship story

He Dehua, chairman of the company, started beekeeping in 1986 and won the honorary title of the top ten bee farmers in Huangpi in 1998. He has focused on beekeeping for more than 30 years and has a great love for beekeeping.
As the leader and manager of the company, he Dehua not only has a solid professional background, but also has rich experience in enterprise operation and management. He led a capable core team composed of technical, management and sales talents, and walked out of a development road with the characteristics of national enterprises seeking development in accumulation and innovation in developmentSee more +

Enterprise honor
Honeycomb Science Museum
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